“Shaky Summer”

It’s the second week in July, and the sun is fierce here in Mississippi. If the cold weather can’t keep me from getting up and breaking through ice at 3 am to hunt ducks, then the sun and 95 degree temps sure won’t stop me from getting a line wet. Unfortunately, the heat isn’t the only problem you face in the summer time. I often find myself with a mess in my tackle bag trying to figure out what they will bite. After I have tried every lure or technique in the bag, I always end up using some kind of finesse technique. When the water is hot and oxygen in the water is lower than usual, bass tend to hang around aquatic plants, grass, or bushy overhangs. If you don’t have grass or structure, it often works well to fish drop offs. The Shaky Head is extremely versatile in these situations.

I like to use a Spot Remover shaky head jig head. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. As far as baits go, you have a plethora of options. On this particular outing, I used the New Googan Baits Slim Shake Worm. The Googan Baits Slim Shake Worm is an excellent bait for shaky head fishing. The tail of the worm has a very nice action and stands vertically when the jig head hits bottom. That will drive finicky summertime bass crazy! This rig works very well in submerged vegetation and in deep water drop offs. It is very important that you take your time and fish it slow, gently jigging it of the bottom and letting it sit. The shaky head has saved the day for me many times. If you don’t currently use this technique, I highly recommend trying it out! Happy Fishing!

Largemouth in the Heat!

Mid-Summer in Mississippi can be brutal! After a Spring full of mild temps and excellent pre-spawn bass fishing, I find myself walking out the door at 6 AM only to have my breath taken away by the heat and humidity. The heat in Mississippi can be intimidating to say the least, but no part of me wants to be setting on a couch all summer. Once the grass is cut, garden is weeded, and household chores are done, I can’t seem to keep my mind off of the fish. The heat must be battled and I must get my fix. There are two things I go to in the mid-summer to catch bass. My favorite is the Drop-Shot Rig. When the Drop-Shot Rig is working, it is a very addicting way to catch them. With warm water temps, fish start to move deeper. The Drop-Shot Rig suspends smaller finesse style baits about 1 foot off of the bottom. A lot of the time, that will be the strike zone. My second “go to” lure will satisfy all of the “power fisherman” out there. I love fishing a swim bait! You will get in a lot of casts and cover a lot of water with a swim bait. I prefer fishing a swim bait at a slow but steady retrieve around cover in deeper water, but that is only one of many ways to fish a swim bait. One of these methods caught my biggest bass of the year so far. Only a couple of days ago, fishing a Drop-Shot Rig around a deep tree top, I landed a 21 inch, 5.78 lb. brute. All of the adrenaline that accompanied this catch made me forget all about the Mississippi heat.

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